2017 Challenge - Final

Final Design

Upload images of your final design and describe the view – what are we looking at and why is it important?

Review your design and test it against your original success statement that you wrote for the Overview. Does it solve the design challenge?


  • Upload detail images that showcase different perspectives and spaces of your design from an eye-level perspective.
    • Exterior View: a rendering of the exterior of your house
    • Interior View 1: a view showing the interior of your house
    • Interior View 2: a view showing the interior of your house
    • Material Detail View 1: a detail image of an important material (interior or exterior) used in/on your house
    • Any other images you’d like to include to help the jury understand your design.
  • Write about your target audience and material choices.
    • How does this design benefit your community?
    • Tell us about the site and materials you have included in your design and why.

Projects must be submitted to the Competition Portal by 5:00pm CST on November 17, 2017 to qualify for jury review. You must submit your design project URL and one (1) overall image to the competition platform.


  • Your overall 3D view and the site plan should show the street and neighboring buildings, to help the jury understand how your building sits on the site. Include trees and people to help the jury understand the scale of your building.
  • If you are creating a physical model, take a picture with a high quality camera or use the HDR setting on a phone. Take the photo against a blank wall or surface and get close! Do not include a lot of stuff or people in the background of your photo.
  • If you are working in a digital design software like SketchUp, do not submit a screenshot of your work. These files may be too small and blurry for the jury to review. Export your files at a large size and upload.