SECOND PRIZE: 2012 Newhouse project #2012069 | school bike shelter

Students here at Curie Metropolitan High School have become more interested into bikes in the past year from 10 speeds to fixed gear; they have become a pretty big trend. The only problem is that there is no place for them here at the school. There are barely any bike racks or any secure place to leave them. Students don’t want to bring their bikes for the fear that they might be stolen. A bike shelter can be helpful so that students actually want to bring their bikes to school. It will both help the environment and keep money in their pockets. The bike shelter will provide a safe space for students bikes a bike shop so that their bikes are always in good condition. It will become a building outside that can be used by anybody in the community. The train station in front of the school gets filled with bikes quickly; Curie High School will help out by providing more space and a safe environment for their bikes. Students will be able to work in the front desk registering bikes into the bike shelter; it will help the students, the community and the environment.

When I began to collect information for my bike shelter I realized that there aren't a lot of people that ride their bicycles to school because we do not have the proper shelter for them. The school only provides two bike racks in the back of the school, that aren't protected from the weather. I then asked other bikers what they would want to see in a community bike shelter. They just wanted the bike shelter to be indoors, with bike specialist just in case their bikes needed to be maintained. I then looked for sites around my school that could work for both the students and the community; I chose the tennis courts behind our school. They aren't being used for anything; they are just taking up space. The courts are reachable by the community and the students. Afterwards I went to take measurements and pictures of my site so I can create my design as accurate as possible.And finally I started to draw sketches for a productive bike shelter.

In progress

When coming up with bike shelters ideas I began by looking at examples of bad bike shelters. I began with our school, with only two bike racks that are supposed to be for nearly 4,000 students, I realized that we need room and a secure space for students to leave their bicycles there. Security also seemed to be a big issue, so I began to think of ways that the student bikes can be secure and so that they wouldn’t have to worry. I began to narrow down my ideas for the site, and also began to think of ideas of how the building would present itself.

When I began to develop solutions I started off with Google SketchUp. My ideas were constantly changing to perfect my design. I began with a very basic model of my structure. Later I moved on to more detailed drawings. I will continue to work on Google SketchUp moving on to Revit, for my final design when my ideas become clearer and more defined.

My final design consisted of creating a bike shelter that was both efficient and practical. Cyclist would feel welcomed as soon as they walk in, greeted by a receptionist. Cyclist wouldn't feel like their bicycles would be tampered with knowing that only employees are allowed to access them. A seating area was provided for bikers that are waiting for their bikes to get repaired, there is also a locker room to store their belongings before leaving the bike shelter. All in all it was just made to be convenient for the cyclist that will be using it.

The image here is just a simple idea of the bike racks can look.
This was one of my ideas for an office space for the workers of the bike shelter.
This is one of the first SketchUp models that I made of a broad idea of how my structure coulod...
This is a more advanced model of my structure, it has a basic layout and a productive flow...
A look at the outside of the structure. Just a idea of the landscape of the building.
This is an interior view of my sketch up model, it shows the locker area and some seating area.
This image shows the only two bike racks that they provide for our school. Our school has close to...
These are the types of bike racks that we have in at our school, and we only have two.
This is the current location of our tennis courts, they are clearly not taken care of or even in...
This is an image of where the tennis court stands next to the school.
As I began to survey people that were both from my community and from my school, I began to notice...
When gathering information I went to our current tennis courts to get measurements for a new bike...
The image here shows a perspective view of my site for my new and improved bike shelter
This is a sketch of my site plan, and where my bike shelter will be located at.
This is a sketch of a floor plan of how the bike shelter could possibly be set up.
This is an elevation of a possible look for my new bike shelter.
This is a west elevation of my structure.
This is a site plan of my model, identifying where my structure will be located. Some of my...
These are elevations to my structure, they were made on Revit.
This is jus a floor plan of my structure showing the lockers, lobby, the office, bike shelter, and...
This is a interior shot of my bike shelter, this would be the first thing you see walking into the...
This is an interior shot of the employee office space, leading to the bike racks.
These are the bike racks, only employees are allowed to get a hold of the bikes this was made to...
This is a perspective view of my final bike shelter design.