In this section, our firm brainstormed the ideas on how to remodel the Mira Loma cafeteria.

Our director of landscape design is using the following materials and design inspirations:
• Alstroemeria, lilies, lisianthus, tulips, and poppies; these flowers mostly grow year round.
• Water source; the landscape designer that came to talk to us has inspired us, and that way we can reuse rain water to water the plants.
• Solar panels around the top sides of our roof building, to give power to the water filter and some of the lighting in the building.
• Elevator for ADA purposes.
• The soil from the plants will cool down the building.

Our director of interior design is using the following materials and inspirations:
• Surface for all tables; all surfaces are paperstone. The company that inspired us was CaraGreen.
• Lighting; energy efficient by Energy Star company.
• Toilets; for solid waste is 1.6 gallons and for non-solid waste is 0.76 gallons inspired by Toto Aqua company.
• Stainless steel for kitchen fridge, ovens, and stove by Traulsen company.
• Tiles for bathrooms are made from post consumer recycled waste, granite dust and glass cutting operations by Fire Clay Tile Company.
• Flooring; The floors are going to be granite by the Aldon company.

Our director of sustainable energy and resources is using the following materials and inspirations:
• Solar panels; saves energy.
• Water collectors; inspired by the guest speaker.
• Windows; reduce the amount of energy needed to light up the space.
• Glass; low-E - it has clear coating of metallic oxide.
• Garden on the roof and waterfall cools down the building.

Our director of building design is using the following materials and inspirations:
• Concrete for the structure
• Steel is used for the building's frame and as a support
• Glass
• Aluminum
• Bricks

Our director of community relations has reserved the building for the following groups and activities:
• Seniors and grownups
o teach cooking classes
o participate in cooking contest
• Teenagers
o learn how to cook
• Teachers
o use second floor stage for conferences
• Mira Loma High School
o use the stage for different events such as senior ball, junior prom, homecoming, etc...
• High School Bands and Guest bands
o can perform during lunch or have different concerts