For our final design tab our firm fixed all of the mistakes that we had and also fixed our designs based on the feedback.

Our final model addresses all the solutions to the problems in our current cafeteria:
* the space is almost tripled
* lines are modified, instead of 4 lines there are 14 and students use their ID instead of punching in their number that they always forget
* bathrooms are big enough for the ratio of the capacity of the building with the ADA requirements
* there is outdoor seating that can be used by students
* the space has color and design
* has a place for entertainment such as senior balls, stage for musicians or guest speakers
* kitchen is open for culinary classes during school
* it has a space for genetors , to store anything that is not needed at that time.
Based on feedback the Director of Interior Design fixed the problem with:
* the entrance to the kitchen to have access to bring in the food
* added stairs from outside so people can use that space without getting inside the building..
* added bathrooms on the second floor
Our Director of Interior Design learned as a designer that there is a space given to us to create something, the solution is to break the problem down into small parts and think about most essentional things you need for that particular space. It is simpler then it looks.

Our model is build to waste as less space as possible, we are using the exterior space to add tables where students can sit and eat lunch. In our model we have the elevator for the ADA purposes. We were not given a lot of feedback, however there was one comments that was about our wall in Sketch up model being too tall. This was something we changed based on feedback.

For our landscape design, our Director of Landscape Design was planning to put more plants, but for the model she decided to make less because it would just just too crowed. What we had to change based on the feedback is our flower water source because first it wasn't that big and it wouldn't collect much water so we had to make it bigger and make the pedals wider. Our Director of Interior Design learned from the design process from a Landscape Design is that we first have to think it through and plan it out, make sure we do everything in order, and that there are a lot of requirements but also a lot of benefits that could come out of a garden not only for the food but it could also motivate and teach people how to grow their own gardens in their own homes. Our Director of Landscape Design also learned about herself and her part as a team member is that she strives to fulfill her responsibility, she used constructive feedback to improve the model, paid attention and was willing to do the task at hand, produced quality product that met the task requirements, and put a lot of time and effort into it.

To be more energy efficient in our design, we used a lot of glass to save energy on electricity and providing light instead we have glass walls which provide natural light. Also we have automatic doors which would close and save heat in the winter and cool air during the summer. We did not get any comments on our energy efficiency part of this project.

In our cafeteria model we have a lot of places that the community can use. On the first floor we designed a culinary class. The community can get together and learn how to cook. Teachers, as well as students can also use the class for different projects or cooking contests that can be involved with the community. On the second floor we have a stage. The stage can be used for multiple purposes. There could be different meeting, presentations, activities, as well as Homecoming Dance, Junior Prom, or Senior Ball. On the roof our firm decided to design a garden. The garden will surely be used by the community and that way it will motivate for the community to have their own gardens at home and it will show and teach them how to take care of the garden. These three places are for the community use that can be used after school hours or on weekends. We didn't have any feedback on the community use. The idea to use the place for the community was from the beginning of our design. From the Community Relation point of view, our Director of Community Relations learned that any place could be used for students and for the community as well. It is important to involve the community is school and with students. This is a good way for students to learn how to communicate not only with students, but also with the community around them.

Doing this project, each one of us learned something new for ourselves. There were mistakes that we made, but with the help of teachers and architects, we were able to fix them. Our firm, Modern Community created a new model for Mira Loma cafeteria which is modern and is involved with community!