SECOND PRIZE: Redesign your school library | 2013 National High School Architecture Competition #333

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Design Challenge Background

Libraries are no longer being used as places to store and distribute books, nor do they serve as place for only studying. With changes in technology libraries have been forced to change their ways of operating and instead of closing their doors they are adapting by becoming People-Centric instead of being Book-Centric. They become community resources for collaborating, creating, and making.

Design Challenge Brief
The challenge is to redesign your high school library and re-think how your school’s library should, or could, function as technology advances and our notion of study and working changes accordingly. What does a library look like that is designed around a person’s knowledge needs instead of only storing and cataloging books?

You may redesign the interior of the existing library space, expand on the existing space, or design a completely new addition on to your school building. Your design should contain all the spaces and functions required for a typical school library – a variety of seating options for students (inside and out!), as well as book and media storage, space for the librarian, computer areas, audio/visual labs, and meeting spaces. You may also want to include a cafe, information kiosk, or a workshop area. The redesigned library should include ideas for both old and new ideas for a library. You should also consider sustainability issues and the environmental impact of your design.

The Cosby High School library has been redesigned into the shape of our wishes and needs.Everyone has agreed that the current library should be updated. Ideas that did not come up during the construction of the library has surfaced through our use of the library.


What program did you use for your renderings in the develop solutions section?

I'm using Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013. They provide rendering in the Autodesk 360 cloud (which helps to quickly render images in high quality).

Your overview description is a bit vague, more detail would help provide clarity.

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In the Collect Info step of the design process, you try to gather as much information as possible about your existing school library, along with the students and staff who will use it.  You can't propose new solutions until you figure out and document what the existing problems are.

Try This

Think About

    How many students need to be seated in the library during one period?

  • What types of furniture is used in the existing library? Does it need to be movable? Why or why not?

Try This

  • Interview students, librarians, and other staff about what they think of the existing library.  What changes would they make to spaces if they had a choice?
  • Make a list of those features that you really like about how your library looks and functions.
  • Make separate list of all the ways that your current library is not so well designed (chairs may be uncomfortable or the light is poor, or there are really great outdoor reading areas).

Try This

  • Take measurements of the overall dimensions of your existing library.
  • Take interior photos of the hallways and entrances that lead into your existing library.

Think About

  • What are the different pathways that students use to get into the library now?
  • What types of media are available in your library? How are they stored? Are books an important part of your library?


Try This

  • Visit Flickr or another photo sharing site and search for other types of libraries to determine good and bad examples of how libraries accommodate user’s needs, especially teens. 
  • Post images of buildings, colors, designs, textures, or other things that inspire you in this step. Make sure you give credit to your source!

Think About

  • Does your new school library need to look like the same typical library with long stack of books?  What other study spaces around the world are inspiring and interesting?

Erthar's work for the Collect Information step:

I went to our school's library and asked the librarians questions such as the good and the bad about the library and what would they change.
This is the only part of the library that has windows to the outside.
The entrance of the library from inside.
A picture of the library's main entrance from the hallway.
I really like the library's curtain wall effect and how it curves, so I decided to keep the...
This picture is taken from a small area of the library that we call the "second floor",...
There is a lot of wasted space since the library was designed to only be one floor. The lights are...
A picture of the school using Google Maps. The black circled area is where the library is located....

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In the Brainstorm Ideas step of the design process, you put some early ideas down on paper that show what you've found in the Collect Info step.  You also might take more photos to show specific new ideas you have. 

The simple diagrams you make here will help you understand how the existing library location and design compare with your new ideas.

Try This

  • Walk around the exterior of your school building and take photos of possible locations for your new library with outdoor seating.
  • Draw a floorplan of your existing library and include it in this step.
  • You may also want to include a site plan of your school, showing where the library fits into the school.

Think About

  • Will this library replace your school's existing library or become an addition to a different part of the building? Will it be built in an empty lot or space?  Will it be underground or built on the roof?  You decide.

Try This

  • Use Google Maps to view and print out an aerial photo of your school. 

Think About

  • Spend some time looking at the aerial photo of your school.  What types of other buildings surround your school?  Homes, businesses, parks, parking lots, or an empty field?  How will these other buildings impact the design of your new library?
  • What types of streets surround your school? Are they busy or quiet?     

Try This

  • On a piece of tracing paper placed over the aerial photo of your school, sketch a diagram showing a large arc around the building to show the path of the sun throughout the day.  This drawing is called a site analysis diagram.  (Remember, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.)
  • Draw other lines on this diagram to indicate the best views around the building.

Think About

  • Based on the site analysis diagram you've sketched, where is the sun located throughout the school day? 
  • How can the indoor and outdoor seating areas of your new library be positioned to take advantage of the sunlight for good lighting?

Erthar's work for the Brainstorm Ideas step:

Using the notes I took from asking the librarians questions, I listed my own personal wishes to the library. I sketched a quick blueprint of the library.
The first floor of the libary. This floor contains the bulk of the library. Housing the books, the...
The second floor of the library. This floor includes a cafe (with storage area), theatre, a private...
Personally, I like curving architecture and smooth walls in architecture. It gives a feel like the...
A sketch I did of the curtain wall. The second floor will have computer room some meeting rooms....
The roof top of the school is, in my opinion, a waste of space. It's relatively flat and all...

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In the Develop Solutions step, your rough ideas come together with drawings and models that can show others your solutions for a new library.

Important! Since DiscoverDesign is about investigating the design process, the other people viewing your project - other students around the country, your teacher, and the mentors - want to see how your ideas have changed over time. This means that while you're working on your digital model, you’ll want to be sure to keep re-saving it with a new file name every few days as you work through the steps.

Try This

  • Draw a sketch or use software such as Google SketchUp, AutoCAD, or Revit to illustrate your ideas.  You can upload photos (JPG files) from your SketchUp model, video fly throughs (FLV files) of your SketchUp model, or drawings (DWF files) from AutoCAD.


Try This

  • Consider including the following types of spaces and furnishings:
    - indoor seating area (tables, seating)
    - outdoor seating area (tables, seating)
    - book storage (shelves)
    - media storage
    - audio / visual labs
    - computers
    - meeting spaces
    - librarian desk (place to check out or return materials)
    - small office for library staff
    - cafe
    - bins for recycyling

Erthar's work for the Develop Solutions step:

There were complaints of space, so one of the first ideas that came to me was to extend the library. There was also wasted space on top of us. So, I added a second floor.
I replaced the bookcases in my initial sketch of the library with seating areas. In my experience...
I added a courtyard for those who like to study in the presence of nature.
A picture of the cafe facing the piano from the hallway. One of the main aspoects of my library is...
This picture is taken in front of the entrance to the library. Right in front is the check out...
This library features a door that leads directly to the outside for quick access to the library and...

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The final step of the design process is to create more finished drawings that illustrate your ideas to others. Remember, your explanation text, and the types of drawings, images, and models you share need to tell the whole story of your project to someone who may or may not have ever visited your school.



Continue to collect feedback from your peers, teachers and the online community to help you improve on your final design. Be sure to review and add constructive comments on the work of other students who are solving the same design problem. If your ideas change, be sure to explain your thinking and let others know about the new work you have posted to your account.

You might want to share floor plans, elevations, renderings of your digital model, photos of a physical model, or a video animation of your model.

But you aren't done yet! Be sure to comment on other projects in the competition to foster, encourage, and build an online design community of learners in DiscoverDesign.  CAF will also recognize students that provide both encouragement and constructive criticism on students' work throughout the run of the competition.

Erthar's work for the Final Design step:

Summary -- My final design has two floors. The first floor is mostly for the books.
A .DWF file of the library. Schools tend to have a wide and flat roof. I think that's a waste...
The floor plan for the first floor. The first floor will include books and their corresponding...
The floor plan for the Second floor. The second floor will include a private faculty lounge room, a...
The cafe is located on the second floor. The serving table itself is located to the left while the...
The reading area.
This view is focused on the reception/check-out desk and to the reading area.
Outside and the courtyard with people. The outside garden/courtyard will be used by students so...