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Use DiscoverDesign.org to guide students to solve problems using design thinking and 21st Century learning skills. Assign existing challenges to students or create new ones. At each step of the design process students post original photos, research, drawings, models or video artifacts. The website serves as a “town square” where students can be inspired, learn from each other’s work and get feedback from each other and design professionals along the way. DiscoverDesign.org is ideal for use in Career and Technical Education classes, and Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses. Art and humanities teachers also find DiscoverDesign.org to be rigorous and relevant for cross-disciplinary and project-based learning.

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Teacher User Guide   Common Core Alignment

Design Process worksheet   Make your own Design Challenge

DiscoverDesign supports 21st Century skills.

21st Century Skills include creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration - using new media and promoting technological literacy.

Case studies explore award-winning green schools around the country and include interactive instructional materials – videos, slideshows, guided questions, architectural construction drawings, interviews with architects, digital models.

Students can choose real-world design challenges and post media from a variety of sources on the Web to inform their process. 

Teacher Dashboard ViewHave an idea for a new design problem for your students?

You can modify any existing challenge on the Design Challenges page!

  • Click on Design Challenges in the Dashboard
  • From here you can Assign Challenges and Modify (or Clone) Challenges 
  • Teacher-authored challenges are shared in the Teacher Design Challenge Gallery

Connect Students with Mentors

If you’re already connected to architects and engineers in your own community, they can create free accounts and begin volunteering as online mentors to provide feedback on the various stages of your students’ design projects in the Student Gallery

To identify potential mentors, we encourage you to reach out to your local chapters of:

Or, you can contact us at the Chicago Architecture Foundation and we can help get the word out to mentors we know about you and your students.

Safe Use for Classrooms

If you have any questions about safety and privacy on DiscoverDesign, learn more about how we've protected students' identity. Only anonymous usernames and cities are displayed and students' full names and school names are never shown. We never share account info with anyone.

FAQs / Technical Help

Visit the student help page for more info, a student tutorial video, and technical help.

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