“Our community market design, located at McKinley Park, will serve the community  of low income people living near it by providing a healthy community market with a beautiful outside area for low income families.”

Danni's Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


Choosing McKinley Park out of 2 options, we were required to come up with a design for a community market that fits within the given requirements of location, size, and goals of the market.

Collect Info

Our location is McKinley Park, located in Chicago. In this area, you can find Targets, treasure depots, tattoo shops, thrift stores, and mobile places such as Target Mobile. There are also food places that are around McKinley park such as restaurants. However this area is lacking healthy options and does not having a rich feeling to it. The community is pretty poor but also has a lot of families that we would like to provides a healthy environment for.

Brainstorm Ideas

We collected information from various places around the world and identified what we liked most about all of them.


School123 9 months ago
The inspirations to create your design are very good concepts. These designs have a very good style that fits in the neighborhood of Chicago. You did a great job of putting these designs in your model.

Develop Solutions

Our goal was to make a design that would work well movement wise and also practically in all weather conditions as well as having enough space to include multiple stores.

Final Design

We included a circular movement for when people are walking through the market. In order to get more community involvement and help the local people with low incomes, we added a stage and a garden.