Building a Community

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


Our community market is a market that is able to attract all types of people. We created a market that supplies all the basic necessities you would need to buy. The first floor contains produce (like groceries) as well as other basic necessities like home appliances and home goods. The second floor contains clothes to suit all the different styles that people dress too. The third floor contains restaurants and a staging area for some entertainment. This rooftop attraction will intrigue a lot of people with all glass and an open look.

Collect Info

We researched the nearby areas and the attractions that are nearby that could also attract tourists to our market. Researching areas can help to target certain types of people. These areas are attractive to families so our community market will be very family friendly.

Brainstorm Ideas

In order to provide for the target audience, we had to provide shops and stores that cater to families. So we have a play area in the middle of the first floor for the kids to play around and have fun. We also provide many shops for all necessities.

Develop Solutions

Some problems we encountered were to find a unique part of the building. This is how we developed the arch. This adds a unique aspect to the building that is very rare to find in other buildings. We had to work with the limited space that our building had to sustain. We had to portion out the rooms and the shops that we can create.

Final Design

This is the final layout of the market. This was used with a room styler website online. It is just a better visual of the interior of the building. The exterior is the same as the developing stage. This final design inserts more eco-friendly options. We will be using energy efficient windows so less AC will be needed to be used and the large windows will cause no light needed in the building during the daytime and a majority of the energy will be solar energy.