Jklarson1's Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


The park design consists of a playground, a dog park, a fountain, a peace garden, a produce garden, and a marketplace. As well as bathroom facilities and a sanitation center. The people in charge of sanitation will be workers provided by the Parks and Recreation committee, but volunteer work is heavily recommend in order to keep the park clean and trash free. Located on 35th/Archer in McKinley Park, the park is located in between the Orange Line and a resident area, so it offers easy access for people living in the area and people stopping by from the Orange Line. The plan is to have the Market running year round, with a Farmer’s Market during the Spring and Summer, an Oktoberfest during the Fall, and a Holiday Festival During the Winter. The marketplace is so that people in the area can have access to fresh produce, as well as a park for recreational events. In order to be able to plant in the produce garden, you have to get a permit from the Parks and Recreation committee, and pay $15 a month per planting area. The entrances to the park will be located on in the market entrance and an area to the left of the playground. There is also a large green area in which people can relax, picnic, walk their dogs, etc. The hope of this project is to create a location in which the neighborhood is able to gather and acquire fresh produce, without imposing gentrification. I want to provide a safe, public space in which people from the neighborhood can come together and have experiences.

Collect Info

Since the park was an open space, aside from the telephone pole in the bottom left, it was easy to gather my ideas for what I wanted without being constricted to any obstacles.

Brainstorm Ideas

I wanted something for everybody in this park. A dog park for dog owners, a playground for children, a piece garden for those wanting to relax, and a bathroom facility.

Develop Solutions

Scaling the model was the most difficult part of the outline, but once I got that finished everything fell together.

Final Design

Using Sketch-Up was the most difficult part of the modeling, with it being very laggy and positioning the camera being next to impossible. But I was able to create a project that I was proud of presenting.


School123 9 months ago
I really like your simple, but very effective design. The modeling of the design looks like it would really fit in the style of Chicago. Great job on also researching the site and collecting info to create a good design.