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I am designing for all the schools that have lockers and need new ones for their students. 229581gg and Mohave Middle school is helping design the lockers. Some schools have a lot of kids. The problem is that the Lockers are so close together and the students run into each other and hit other students with their locker doors. I want to solve this by opening the door upwards so it doesn't hit anybody.

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The lockers would be painted whatever colors the students wanted. They would have a special place for your books and there would be a place to hang your book bag and other things that you would need for your schooling. The lockers would at least be 4 feet tall so you could put things in the lockers. The wideness would be at least one foot and a half so you could fit your big backpack in it. The Depth would be 1 1/2 feet. It would have cubbies so you could put your books and a safe, to put your important things in at the start of the School Day. The cubbies would be a foot wide and 8 Inches tall. The locker door would go up and into the top of the Locker and into the wall.

Brainstorm Ideas

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The Lockers are planned out and all I have to do is build the replica on This photo shows what I have done and what I am going to make.

Develop Solutions

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Below is the picture of what the locker is going to look like.

Final Design

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Below is what the Locker will look like