AnthonyC's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


I want to redesign my bedroom to help give it a new feel. I will start by ripping out all the the carpet and put in hardwood floors. Then I will get 2 new dressers that will be used to help me get more space for my clothes. I will then add a solar panel that will be used to help power my room. I will then add my bed with the sweet thing that allows the tv to come up out the bottom of the bed. I can also add dimmable and color changing light bulbs. That is how I will resigned my bedroom.

Collect Info

Inventory: 1 Full Bed, Dresser, Book Shelf, 2 Night stands I like how is have my bed against the wall that has no windows on it, like how I have some free space. I don't like the bookshelf and think I need to get rid of it and get a dresser, don't like carpet. I could get a table/desk that will fit in a corner under my windows want hardwood floors.

Brainstorm Ideas

How the room feels: Boring, Plain, Calm, Pleasant, Bright, Open, Clean, Organized, Relaxing, Conformable. How I want room to feel: Clean, Bright, Open floor plan, Organized, Relaxed, Modern, Simple, Basic, Entertaining, Calm. Houzz Ideabook: Energy Idea: I could add a solar panel to the top of the roof to help generate electricity for my bedroom, it could power my TV, Clocks, Phone chargers. Theme: A Modern theme with neutral colors.

Develop Solutions

I want to have the bed against a different wall. I also want to have a bed like the one on Houzz that has the TV integrated into the foot of the bed. I want to have night stands on each side of the bed. I want 2 new dresses that will have more space for my clothes. I also will have hardwood floors in my room. Also I will have my solar panel to help power some of the electronics in my room.

Final Design

Added a picture from chief with the design.