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Edilson_curie's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


I believe Chicago public transportation is vital to the way people move around through out the city. There are thousands of bus stops throughout the city with people of all backgrounds moving from point to point. Some stops attract more people and they tend to not have anything to cover themselves under. A great example that defines this problem is the stop on archer and Pulaski. The stop is directly in front of Curie H.S the student tend to gather up and wait for the bus for extended amounts of times. The buses tend to run fairly slow because of the rush hour and the bus take anywhere from 20-25 mins but the weather can make it seem an eternity. So by establishing bus stops that provide shelter in the harsh weather it can make a world of a difference when waiting for your bus.

Collect Info

The stop I chose is on archer & Pulaski. That stop has multiple students waiting for the bus everyday during rush hour. Students gather at that stop everyday in the afternoon. The weather van be punishing so having a shelter at that stop can be a huge difference.

Brainstorm Ideas

For brainstorming I included various different amenities that id like when waiting in a bus shelter.

Develop Solutions

My bus shelter concept I choose to continue working on has a variety of amenities that invite people to come in and sit. I also tried to involve a modern take on bus shelters. I feel that the current design of bus shelters are boring and don't fit in most of the places they are placed in.

Final Design

The final designs were meant for different spaces as well as different material choices. The first design includes more amenities including light heaters and a book swap wall for people to interchange books. The shelter also involves a bus tracker to monitor where the buses are. The second design does not include amenities but the materials include aluminum and stainless steel.


adriaanmoerdijk 3 months ago
Hey man, that bookshelf is a really nice touch. I reckon it would look pretty cozy. The rest of the design is also pretty clean. At some points a bit unfinished, you could put a wooden ledge around the edges of the glass. Then it would really look like a cohesive object. Nice job, original!