edis.saziman's project

Redesign the BHS Library


I will be redesigning the Library at Boonton High School for the students and faculty of the district.

Collect Info

After speaking to several students and teachers at BHS I have discovered that many people would like the the library to be more comfortable and modern. Many people do not support an old, uncomfortable library and students would prefer a much more modern library. These renovations would surely increase the amount of students that use the library.

About 40 students would be in the library at once.

The furniture in the library currently consists of many chairs and tables, but has very few couches. The furniture should be movable so when a student goes to the library they can arrange the furniture however they like.

Students currently enter the library through the main hallway and the computer lab next door

There is an abundance of books, magazines and articles in the library. They are all stored on shelves and take up a lot of space. Therefore they are very important to the library.

Our library is very traditional at Boonton High School. There is not much about it to differ it from any other school library. It consists of many desk chairs, long stacks of books, very few couches, and a lot of computers. Looking at other libraries around the world I can say that our library needs more couches and less chairs to become more comfortable and relaxing. Libraries around the world like the ConstituciĆ³n Public Library in Chile that are newly made and modern inspire me to build something special in my school.

Some positives about our library are the space and he great potential it is. However I feel this space is being used incorrectly and causes the library to be unappealing to students. If we were to rejuvenate the life in the library by making some interior changes, I fell that we can really make it a common study spot for students.

Brainstorm Ideas

In the area around the library it is generally quite, but there is a highway not far from the library that can be heard. There are many homes around it. It is also surrounded by parking lots and fields.

It would be a good idea to install solar panels on the roof to generate some power for the library. This could save the school money.

Develop Solutions

Based on the position of the sun throughout the day solar panels could play a key role in powering the building.

The large windows on the wall will feature a great use of natural light in the room as the sun will shine through them.

Final Design

Overall, this design will improve the quality of life for students and teachers when they simply want to relax and get some work done. By creating a place for them to study it will increase student morale and maybe even bring them joy when they are working.