gmartinez9401's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


I'm building for all bus riders who are in need of safe bus stop shelters. My plan is to make the bus stop as durable as possible against harsh weather conditions by making it an enclosed area. Also, I want to make the bus stop convenient by adding amenities such as an air conditioning unit, restrooms, and sitting areas. Moreover, while making the bus stop useful to many, I also think that helping out the environment is equally important as well by implementing a green roof.

Collect Info

For the students who take the city bus to get to and from school, the goal is to make the bus stop as comfortable and relaxing a waiting area can be, while simultaneously keeping it a safe bus stop. A safety feature that can be added to the bus stop is surveillance. Video cameras will secure that the area is safe and that there is no dangerous activity happening to the bus passengers as well as the bus stop itself. Furthermore, In order to make the bus stop convenient for students, I hope to install wi-fi connection, as well as a charging port to keep tech devices charged at all times. Moreover, I want to install a green roof so that it equally benefit the environment.

Brainstorm Ideas

I'm planning to re-model a bus stop in San Antonio, Texas. It is located near the front of James Madison High School, facing O'Connor road. The local area is very laid back and calm with moderate traffic. However, it does gets the most crowded during dismissal around 4 p.m. Mostly, the area is quiet, but it can get crowded during rush hour. Moreover, San Antonio's weather is very unpredictable. In the mornings it can be very windy/cool, and in the afternoons it can be high eighties with humidity. You also never know when a storm will hit, therefore it's best to keep the bus stop area enclosed. The area needs an updated and modern bus stop while also keeping is comfortable and convenient.

Develop Solutions

Since the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, I plan to use full advantage of the sun to give the bus stop as much natural lighting as possible. Since my bus stop will have a modern design, I've decided to make the walls glass. With glass panels, the bus stop will take in the natural sunlight making electrical lighting usage minimal, only in use at night hours. While using Revit, which I've gotten comfortable with overtime, my plan was to develop a house that looked futuristic by adding glass, and make the roof sloped. I used basic materials to build my design such as concrete and curtain walls, as well as sliding double doors to keep the overall glass design.

Final Design

My target audience was any individual who takes the city bus, more specifically high school students who can't take the school bus to get home. I hope my design benefits the community by giving it a modern look, and by making the bus stop a safer area to wait in, also by implementing amenities that are beneficial for both people and the environment. A big challenge that I faced were the dimensions, because the bus stop is located next to a side walk rather than at an intersection, space was limited. However, I planned my idea, visualized, and designed. The materials I decided to use include concrete slab for the floor, Curtain walls (glass) for the wall, sliding double-door, and a generic 9" roof.