KuLiCk's project

Redesign the BHS Library


a place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other material for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference, as a room, set of rooms, or building where books may be read or borrowed.

Collect Info

  • Changes that people have suggested to me to make the library more appealing to them is including air condition. During the summer weather the library gets very hot and is uncomfortable to sit there for a period of time. Another suggestion is a bigger area to sit and work on classwork.
  • I liked the large amount of space I was able to play with and redesign
  • I do not like the computers they are slow and don't have programs that should be included.
  • barely any natural light
  • The seatings are uncomfortable
  • A lot of books students will never read waste of space.
  • I would say at least 25
  • Tables, chairs and a couch. It does not need to be movable because everything should be placed in a position that does not need to be moved. But you are able to move it.
  • only the main entrance
  • just computers and sometimes chromebooks (chromecart) Books are not really an important part of our library the amount of books students check out is probably very limited because they can look up almost everything online.
  • No, it does not I want to make it look like a library/ a media center. Coffee shops are a cool place to drink coffee and write essays for a period of time.

Brainstorm Ideas

  • I do not find outdoor seating an option due to the location of the library. Especially today's day and age with the incidents going and an outdoor seating would be almost unsafe.
  • There is a highway and houses on one side of the school. No buildings will be impacted by my design. One side street which is not busy. But a busy road towards the Craig School part of the school.
  • The sun hits the top of the school
  • No direct sunlight would be entering the library so it would be difficult to position the seating in a way to get that

Develop Solutions

sustainability evidence unavailable

Final Design

The way I came up with the new idea for the library is that I wanted something that I'd be able to enjoy and actually do work in. I want to be able to use auto Cad or eclipse in the library. When I want to work on something during lunch I won't have to disrupt a class to work on it. I also wanted to check off the comfortability factor and I included different kinds of seating so if you don't like one you have others to choose from. I also talked to the librarian and she said that they would be sorting books and be removing some books. I reduced the number of bookcases and added more seating,. I want more than one class to be in there working on classwork at a time. I don't like how sometimes we need to type something up in class and we are unable to access the library. I also added a safe way to charge your device. It makes the plugging and unplugging of personally device chargers into A/C (alternating current) receptacles safe.