Mlamar00's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


My Bedroom is an area that I use to sleep in and I also use it as a place to hangout. I have the ability to take naps, watch movies, listen to music, and play video games. I also use it as a storage place for clothing and other things as well. It's a place that I know I will be left alone while at my house. It's an area for me to have much need time for myself during the day.

Collect Info

In my room I believe that the setup right now is fairly good but could be better in a way. One thing that I really like about it is that there is a ceiling fan in the center of the room that rotates the air and it also has a light that lights up the whole room. I also like the way the bed is positioned with the TV. It makes it easier to watch movies that way. The thing that I dislike about it is the placement of the bed overall. I feel like it could be more beneficial in a different location.

Brainstorm Ideas

Current room: Relaxing, Dirty, Unorganized, Pittsburgh, Random, Large, Crowded, Comfy, Crazy, and Dangerous. New Room: Chill, Dark colors, Relaxing, Fun, Man Cave, Sporty, Organized, Clean, Friendly, and Large. Energy Efficient idea: Have a window for light. Theme: Sporty Link:

Develop Solutions

If I was able to do something to my room I would rearrange the furniture. In my house I have the second largest room and it is filled with random objects and a bunch of furniture. I would like to organize mt room so that it has a better flow to it and I would also like to clean it up. I used to share a room with my brother. I was able to get him to move into a different room but he still has a lot of things in my room. It would be great to get rid of those things. Below are also a couple of things that I would be willing to add in my room as replacements for some of the items that I have now

Final Design

In my redesigned bedroom, I would like to walk into my room and go straight towards my bed. I want my bed to be right next to the window that I have. As I walk into my room I would like to have my dresser to the left with the TV on top. Next to the dresser I want my entertainment stand to be there with the DVD player, movies, games, and my entertainment system. Next to the stand I would like to put the chest that I have in my room for storage. On the side wall to the right of the window I would like to put my other dresser with my speaker on top of it. Finally, also on the side wall I would like to put my storage cubes to keep them out of the way.