nickd1223's project

Redesign the BHS Library


This project is to redesign the Boonton High School library to help students get a better learning experience while studying.

Collect Info

Approximately 35 students need to be seated in the library during one period.

There are couches, chairs, desks, shelves, and tables currently in the library and it is not movable, and i do not think it needs to be movable because the library has one distinct vision and it should stay that way not be moved everyday and stuff getting knocked over everywhere.

There is a walkway from the main hallway into the library, and inside the library students walk in between shelves to maneuver around the library.

In the Boonton High School Library there are books and magazines available, and they are stored on shelves all around the library. Books are the second most important part on our library, right after the computers which get used everyday.

No, it should look futuristic with all new things, more computers, clothing store, and even stationary bikes to work out.

Brainstorm Ideas

Our school is surrounded by parks, parking lots, and open fields. I do not believe these will impact the libraries appearance or design.

There are mainly busy town streets surrounding the school, but also one highway.

Throughout the school day, the sun goes right over the library.

Good lighting would occur if the seating was not facing toward the window and having sun shine into everyone's eyes.

Develop Solutions

Added seating areas for reading and relaxing Took out some book shelves due to increase in technology and decrease in books recently No media storage Increase in computers for audio and visual labs Librarian desk placed right in the middle of library therefore librarian can see everything and easy access for students Office maintains the same No cafe New school store placed in Stationary bikes installed for exercise

Final Design