s355383s's Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


My community market design, located at McKinley Park , will serve the community of neighborhoods, families, businesses, and people who come and go by providing an environment where they can relax and breathe without all the city noises as well as sell their products. Where they can enjoy the plants and have plenty of room to do what they love as well.

Collect Info

In class we looked at videos and collected information from them on ho toset this up. What key elemets we needed in it and what designs woud work. Then I looked up somestyles of design and thought of what would bepleasing annd relaxing for people, what would make them come. We looked at examples of some and we looked up information abut Chicago and like the weather, also about the area and how it looked.

Brainstorm Ideas

I looked at some video in class and some architectural pieces at home. I figured out what made them great and wanted to add them to my piece. We also looked at some examples and what a community market was, how it functioned and how to make them better.

Develop Solutions

I first figured out if my builds were going to be on story or two. Then I found the dimensions of the park and started to scale everything to size, like figure out how high I wanted things to be and the length. Figuring out what could fit and what could not. Developing solutions made me have to think exact length, widths, and heights. Futhermore knowing what to place where in order to fit in the dimensions.

Final Design

The last was putting it all together. I took things out and added things in, and just started to put the pieces together. Making it look pleasing to the eye and nice for people to want to hangout at.


A Carbender 5 months ago
Your final design for the overall community market is absolutely beautiful. The gazebo and the canopies are very original takes on the ideas and are very well incorporated within your design. But taking into account how you got there, is a bit hazy. I congratulate your sketches, but the disconnect between them and the final solution are a bit far. I recommend next time if more time was taken into connecting these sketches to your program used, your process and research for the sketch incorporation, and discussing solutions and their purposes to the overall process would allow you to place very high in another project.