ZitaoLi's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


The problem of the bedroom is the bedroom's door and the window or the space and the things I want it to be my personal style.

Collect Info

The window at the north of the room, the bed near to the window, the desk and chair can let my do homework or do something else. The wardrobe my clothes all inside. The artificial light set at the middle of the room. Some painting at the wall. I want some plant at my bedroom and I want the wall color is white, because white can let my bedroom look very clean.

Brainstorm Ideas

The bedroom is redesign for my own style. There should be quite and no street nearby, and the bedroom should have everything i need at the room, the room should be very clean and beautiful. The thing at room is my bed,computer,desk,chair,closet,sofa. I can do my homework at the desk,play game at the computer,when my friend come in my room they can sit at the sofa.the closet have my clothes in there.

Develop Solutions

The bedroom is 15' long 12' width, the door is 6'8"tall 2'6" width, the window is 4' tall and 3' width, the wardrobe is 6'8" tall, 5' long and 2' width. This is the constriction of my bedroom.

Final Design

The door at the front the window at the back. The front of the bedroom i put the wardrobe at there because the wardrobe is big it need more space, and the back of the bedroom i put my bed, desk, computer, cabinet. The door at the front the window at the back.