2018 DiscoverDesign National Competition Eligibility



Pre-made models (found in the 3D Warehouse programs) can ONLY be used for scale figures, plants, and interior design. You may not copy template houses or full rooms. This is considered plagiarism and is grounds for disqualification.


The children, relatives or household members of CAC employees are ineligible. Additionally, no child, sibling or immediate family member of a Jury member may participate. No member of the Jury shall assist a student or act in any other capacity whatsoever to advise or aid a competition entrant in the development of his or her submission. This competition is limited to students living in the United States. International applicants will not be eligible for winning prizes.

Applicants may be disqualified if they:

  • Are under the age of 13 after September 15, 2018.
  • Not enrolled in high school.
  • Fail to upload content (text and media) in to DiscoverDesign.org AND the competition platform.
  • Do not adhere to the design, writing and presentation requirements
  • Plagiarize or violate copyright rules by submitting non-original material—either student or professional
  • Submit content that is either not relevant to the design challenge or is deemed to be inappropriate or offensive.
  • Do not comply to the DiscoverDesign.org Terms of Use