National DiscoverDesign Competition - Winner

DiscoverDesign National Competition - Winner badge: You submitted a complete final design of a competition challenge. Your project stands out above the rest.

The DiscoverDesign National Competition - Winner badge is for those who submitted a complete final design of a competition challenge. Neighborhood and city data was used to support design decisions, and a digital or physical model for an affordable housing unit that serves at least one family of four was presented. The design identified a specific audience in need of housing (families, elderly, etc), made sense in context with the other buildings in the area, and showed evidence of data research. Registration for the competition was completed on the competition platform, and the content (text and media) was uploaded into the Design competition platform. The final design included six design artifacts (four detail images and two written responses), and was chosen as one of three winners.

  • A completed Design Challenge via that includes at least one description and one image per step of the Design Process.
  • A completed registration and submission on the Competition Registration Platform
  • Exterior: a rendering of the exterior of your house <LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Exterior>
  • Interior View 1: a view showing the interior of your house <LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Interior1>
  • Interior View 2: a view showing the interior of your house. <LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Interior2>
  • Material Detail View 1: a detail image of an important material (interior or exterior) used in/on your house. <LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Material>
  • Written responses about your design decisions such as target audience and material choices.
  • Persuasive Essay: How does this design benefit your community? (150–250 words)
  • Short Answer: Tell us about the site and materials you have included in your design and why. (100–150 words)