bug cuisine

Bug Cuisine

The United Nations has recently identified insects as a potential source to address global food insecurity.  Consumed in many places throughout the world, insects are nutritious, high in protein, and readily available in many places. Their farming would consume far fewer natural resources than farming livestock. But in the western world, cultural norms prevent most people from seeing insects as food.

However, advertising campaigns often have the potential to change minds. How would you design an ad to convince people in the U.S. that eating bugs can be a good idea?



Design an ad or social media campaign to rebrand or convince people to eat insects or insect flour. 

Collect Info

Think about:

What is positive about eating insects?

What are some alternative ways that insects can be eaten?

How do advertisements persuade us?

How do we analyze media messages in general? How do we “read” ads?

What are some print ads that have been persuasive?


Upload a list of key facts from each category that you want to use to inspire your ad.

Brainstorm Ideas

Think about:

  • What kinds of ads made the most impact on you? What ads could you use for inspiration?
  • What facts about insects as food might you want to include in your ad?
  • What aspects of food culture in the U.S. might you want to include in your ad?
  • What aspects of global food/hunger issues might you want to include in your ad?
  • How might you appeal to people through…
    • ...their emotions?
    • ...facts or statistics?
    • ...credibility (believability) of the message?
  • Who is your audience? What do they care about? How do they like to eat?
  • What is the overall look and feel of the ad?

Upload your list of ideas.

Develop Solutions (and get Feedback)

First, sketch out your idea for the ad on paper, on the computer, or using collage.

Next, show it to others for feedback. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What stands out to you about the ad?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What questions do you have about the ad?
  • What things do you think should be changed?
  • Who do you think would like this?

Upload the draft of your ad, along with the feedback you received from at least one other person.

Final Design

Create your ad using graphic design software or an app and upload it here. If possible, share on your social media and upload a screenshot showing how you shared it.