earth saver girl

Comics for Climate

Create an eco-comic book to inspire other kids to take climate action.


What is the challenge?

When Brooklyn was 9, she wrote a comic book called Earth Saver Girl to encourage other kids to take action to improve the environment. You can make comics too. How would you use comic books to help other kids understand climate change and take action to improve the environment?

Collect Info

Gather more information about climate issues, as well as comics for activism.

Think about:

  • What climate issue do you feel is most important to inform people about? Get specific (is this about natural disasters? Icebergs melting? Global warming? Greenhouse gasses? Something else?) and learn as much as you can about it!

  • Who is the audience of your comic book?

  • What actions are people taking around climate change already?

  • What do you want to inspire people to do about this issue?

Try This:

Brainstorm Ideas

Create a list of ideas for your comic.

Think About:

  • What kinds of comics are popular with you and your friends? Superhero? Nonfiction? Funny? Dramatic?

  • What real-life climate heros could you use for inspiration?

  • What kind of conflict, villains, or missions could you build into your story?

  • Who is your ideal audience? What age group?

  • What is the overall look and feel of the comic (action packed with lots of colors? Bleak and gloomy?)

  • What format could your comic book take? (hand-drawn or digital)

Develop Solutions (and get Feedback)

Now's the time to take what you've learned from the steps above and develop your own solution.

Sketch out your comic book, or part of it, and show it to others for feedback. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What stands out to you about the comic?

  • What do you like about it?

  • What questions do you have about the comic?

  • What things do you think should be changed?

  • What action are you inspired to take?

  • What do you want to know more about?

  • Who do you think would like this?

Upload the draft of your comic, along with the feedback you received from at least one other person.




Final Design

Share your comic book online, on social media, or by printing it as a zine.

  1. Upload your comic (if it is drawn by hand, upload a photo)

  2. Upload an image that shows us how you shared it:

    • screenshot of your comic online or on social media, or

    • photo of another kid reading the zine