CIRT Project Submission Guidelines


Teams of three or more students will collaboratively work on one of the Design Challenges to participate in the competition. All teams must be affiliated with the ACE Mentor Program, and identify the precise name of the mentor in their competition registration. Each team must create one or two 24”x 36” digital files of their board(s) to upload to the Registration Application. The jury will review these boards digitally to select the finalists. 

See the competition Frequently Asked Questions for project criteria


All teams must complete the registration form, upload and submit their final board(s) by Saturday, March 4, 2017.


All teams are required to complete the online registration and upload their final boards via the Registration Application. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Registration Application
  2. Select the competition challenge that your team worked to solve
  3. Complete the online competition registration with your team email, including the precise name of your ACE Mentor Affiliate(s)
  4. Upload images of your final board(s)

Hit “Submit” to successfully compete in the CIRT Design & Construction Competition

Submit your project


Please follow these recommendations for preparing your digital board(s) for a successful upload. As teams may work across different software and/or media, recommendations may not directly apply.

  • The maximum file size for upload is 10 MB for an image (.jpg, .tiff) or 20 MB for a PDF.
  • Flatten file and/or compress all layers
  • Export for web and/or optimize file for clear viewing (minimum 100 dpi)
  • Export file as a .jpg .pdf or .tiff
  • Export board(s) at actual size: 24"x36"
  • If unable to meet maximum file size at 24”x36” with flattening export board proportionately smaller; do not stretch or distort
  • Avoid screen shots of your work; export an image from the design software for better clarity
  • If you choose to create a physical model or include any physical artifacts (not required or expected), take high resolution image and remove clutter/distractions in the background or photograph against a blank surface
  • If photographing with a smart phone, set your camera to HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode
  • Triple check that your images and any text is clear and the proportions are not stretched

NOTE: Save all original files of your work and final boards. Finalists will be asked to have their boards printed, which requires larger file size and increased resolution (300+ dpi).

For example, if working in SketchUp, export using the following steps:


  • Adjust your SketchUp window to the preferred aspect ratio*
  • Click File>Export>2D Graphic
  • Make sure .jpg, .tiff or .pdf is selected in the dropdown
  • Click ‘Options...’
  • Deselect ‘Use view size’
  • Suggested: Input 5400 pixels for the WIDTH, the HEIGHT will be auto-generated based on your SketchUp window’s aspect ratio*
  • Click ‘OK’
  • Click ‘Export’

MAC Users:

  • Click File  Export  2D Graphic
  • Make sure .jpg, .tiff or .pdf is selected in the dropdown
  • Click ‘Options...’
  • Deselect ‘Use view size’
  • Click the chain icon to unlock the aspect ratio
  • Suggested: Input 5400 pixels for the WIDTH and 3600 pixels for the HEIGHT
  • Click ‘OK’
  • Click ‘Export’
  • If more information is needed, please reference official SketchUp exporting to JPG documentation


If you are taking a photo of a physical model, we recommend the following:

  • Choose the largest size photo
  • Take the photo horizontally (landscape orientation)
  • Please review your images before submitting
  • Make sure these images are what you want the professional jury to review
  • Triple check that your images are clear and the proportions are not stretched
  • Consider your background; remove clutter/distractions or photograph against a blank surface.
  • If using a smart phone, set your camera to HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode


Teams may include their team name and/or logo on the final board(s) (optional).

All uploaded files must follow this naming convention:


For example:

Open Spaces_AwesomeArchitects_JSmith_Board1of1.pdf




This year all projects will be initially reviewed digitally. No printing or mailing is required unless a team is selected as a finalist. Finalists will be asked to print and possibly mail boards for the final presentations. A packet with further details will be sent to all finalists in March.