My community market design, located in Illinois, Chicago, will serve the community of McKinley Park by providing a farmers market that will minimize the separation of communities. Discovery Design is challenging us to create a public works project that not only emphasizes native heritage and plant vegetation, but will allow locals to have jobs and a social gathering place allow easier access to freshly made, native vegetables that will provide jobs and will contribute to the greater good of and for the economy. The Discovery Design Challenge is challenging us to bring together diverse ethnic and cultural background for the greater good of the community. The Chicago region has been recognized as one of the nation’s most segregated and inequitable metropolitan areas, the result of a century of racially motivated investment, disinvestment and wealth extraction, and intentional separation of communities. In this project, there is both an indoor and outdoor garden to incorporate the changing as seasons. Next to this, there will also be a recreation center that also goes along with the year round usage. Kids, teens, adults - all have the opportunity to engage with one another is small environment that is for entertainment and educational studies. While the market is taking place, this also allows the kids and young adults to have a place to hangout. Around the seasons the market will not be in place, it turns into a park that is very beneficial for the community since it would allow a place of gathering even if an event is not occurring.


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There are patterns such as how often people go out to eat or how long people are involved with the community that we can evaluate to improve the project. Tampa Concrete