Final Design

The market is facing the street to great any customer inside the building, providing easy access from the main road. Pedestrians exiting the 54th/Cermak Station are able to get off the tracks by taking the staircase that already exists now. This staircase leads to either of the following options: ground level, to either enter the building from the first floor or to easily exit the station and go about their day; or the third floor, leading to an open space for lounging, meeting, or entertainment. As for the inside vendors, I wanted them to have easy access to their set up areas, so the first floor became their floor. But they have to share space with the market’s café and coffee shops. I plan on contacting Local fresh produce stores such as Pete’s Fresh Market and Cermak Fresh Market, while allowing local vendors and farmers to sell their own produce. As the wintering weather harshins, i plan on seeking to the Walmart Neighborhood Market just a few blocks from the market to provide additional convenient options such as their new “To Go” kiosks and their internet ordering. The third floor shall be the main attraction for leazure along with plenty of space and comfort to gatherings. Any art curated from donations or local artists will be hung everywhere for the community to enjoy. The fourth floor will have privately sanctioned rooms for inclosed meetings. The second floor holsters an amphitheater on one side and a library on the other. The library will have many computers for students and others to fulfill their much needed hard work in a quiet environment.


Competition Jury 4 years ago
I like your bold choice of building over the site instead of going underneath. The use of textures on the rendering turn it into an art piece- great attention to detail. Next time, try to add some people to your design to help show scale. The library is a great idea, however further analysis might be needed to see if the noise of the trains would affect the library ambiance. The use of color on the interior complements the beige walls. The site and zoning analyses are done very well and I would have loved to see a floor plan. This design creates a beacon and visual icon in the neighborhood.
HartCabinets 2 years ago
Again, awesome analysis on this project. Really want to build my frame and design process based on this astonishing work. We work with Designing Bathrooms and will be taking, or should I say, approaching all of our projects with this step by step guide from here on out. Thanks for sharing this. Oscar | Bathroom Remodel Arlington Heights
SamuelCocinas 1 year ago
What a great and spectacular building. It is a luxury to see these buildings dieños. It shows that they like the design and construction. From my kitchen(cocinas) company we congratulate you for the great work.
JamesH 1 year ago
I too like the bold choice of building over the site instead of going underneath. And I certainly agree that the use of textures on the rendering turn it into an art piece- great attention to detail. This design creating a beacon and visual icon in the neighborhood is on the money! James | Double Rollers
patsm00re18 1 year ago
I admire your courageous decision to build on top of the site rather than beneath it. The use of textures on the rendering elevates it to the level of an art piece, demonstrating the amazing attention to detail. Next time, consider including some individuals in your design to help convey the scale and be aware of the biggest titles that you can do cross-play. The library is a nice idea, however, more research is needed to discover if the train noise would harm the library's ambiance. The interior's usage of color matches the beige walls. I would have liked to see a floor layout in addition to the site and zoning analyses. This design serves as a neighborhood beacon and visual emblem. Search also on Game Title: CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD!
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