Final Design

During this step, the building truly came to life as the interior furnishings were added, and the landscaping came together. Overall I believe that the finished product represents the community, not only does it represent the neighborhood's style, vibrancy, and sense of community, but also the future of the community in which people can gather and learn in this modern communal space. The design of the building benefits the community as it preserves the rich history of the neighborhood, and helps foster new history and growth in the future. With this library, the community's need for a gathering space where knowledge may be pursued is fulfilled.


Competition Jury 3 years ago
Great use of materials and organization of spaces. I can see how your library would appeal to a variety of people. -SS
Competition Jury 3 years ago
I think the exterior is very dynamic. The interior has more of a hotel feel. There was not as much developing ideas as some other projects but it’s good that you researched other libraries -AR
Muneer ahmed 1 month ago
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