Final Design

How does your design benefit the local community? The design benefits the local community because it provides Little Italy with a place for the people to come together. Visitors can easily access the library where they can concentrate on modern and future research and innovation while in the historic neighborhood. This modern, yet transitional building benefits the people because it provides a place for the members in the community to escape the stress of life and come together for a time of innovation and interaction with each other. It will allow the members in the community to have nearby access to computers, books, research material, technology, and gathering spaces. This is no ordinary library. This library will contain computer labs, reading spaces, group and individual study rooms, 3D printers, and a makerspace workshop. It will also include a large café, an auditorium, a community area, garden, and outside reflection space. The resources and opportunities available in this modern and technology friendly place will help the community strengthen and evolve out of its historic background and continue to thrive.

What materials have you included in your design and why? I have included a clear solar panel roof to collect the energy from the sun to provide the energy for the building. I have included a polycarbonate greenhouse because it is an efficient material for a greenhouse and because it has a larger R-factor than glass. I used glass curtain walls for the exterior walls in the building because glass allows for light to come in which would reduce the electrical and power costs of the building during the day. I used transparent walls to give the interior of the building a modern effect while also including a clear torus for the circulation desk and the walkway from each building. The walls that are on the sides of the book shaped buildings are made of reinforced concrete because it is an efficient material and it provides the strength of the building compared to the use of glass in the other parts of the building. I included a clear elevator in the café that is made of glass to add the aesthetic appearance because people can look outside the elevator when riding it and visitors in the café can see the waiters bringing their food to them.


Competition Jury 3 years ago
Very cool design concept. Doesn't fit very well on the site as currently situated. Would love to see this brought up to Taylor Street. -AR