Research - Level 1

Research - Level 1 badge shows you understand the design problems, and have collected information to fix them before creating a new design.

"Research is fundamental to the design process, and it is used for two major purposes.

First, design professionals use research to understand problems with a current design before they attempt to solve them with a new design. They ask questions such as: What is the existing situation? Who will be affected by the solution, and what do those people need most?

Secondly, designers use research for inspiration, to understand how others have solved similar problems in the past. Research most often happens in the Brainstorming and Collecting Information phases of the design process.

Earning the Researching Level 1 badge means your research begins to define and understand your design problem. You have collected information on existing conditions, either by taking notes, sketching, photographing or otherwise documenting the problem."

  • Your research looks at the existing situation, and you have included at least one sketch, photograph, audio recording, video, or other media to document conditions of the design