Digital Model Making - Level 2

Digital Model Making - Level 2: You have used multiple views in your 3D model and showcased the impact of materials, scale, and light.

"Digital models can help you figure out if your solutions are on the right track and showcase them when you are done. Pay attention to details and stay curious about all that digital tools have to offer. Digital model making is often part of the “Brainstorm” and “Develop Solutions” phases of the design process.

Looks like digital renderings are a piece of cake. You have used multiple renderings to show many perspectival viewpoints; you have 3D models, and you are well aware of how lighting impacts your piece. Materials are well-selected, and they are scaled properly, too. You are becoming an expert."

  • "You used multiple renderings to show a variety of perspectival viewpoints You went beyond the basics and applied different materials, even if they are not scaled correctly A 3D model was used in at least one step of the process You tried working with lighting functions, even if they are not used effectively"