Physical Model Making - Level 2

By Physical Model Making - Level 2, you have a complete or almost complete model. It is clear you are putting attention into craftsmanship.

Design professionals use physical models to develop and test their ideas so they can then showcase and explain those ideas to others. Why not just use digital models? Sometimes, as the saying goes, seeing is believing. Whether it is about testing out a creative idea or helping a client understand your solution, physical models can be valuable tools. Physical models are often part of the “Brainstorm” and “Develop Solutions” steps of the design process.

Physical Model Making - Level 2 shows that you are getting better at physical models. You have submitted a model that is complete or almost complete, even if it only includes basic details. It is clear that you are putting time and attention into craftsmanship.

  • "Your model is sturdy and mostly or fully complete Your model shows some craftsmanship"