Hand Sketching - Level 2

Hand Sketching - Level 2 shows that sketchers are comfortable with “visual note taking” even if only used in one step of the design process.

"Hand-sketching is one of the most universal and powerful techniques that a design professional can learn. You can carry a sketchbook wherever you go to brainstorm new ideas, and then use those sketches to communicate ideas before making models. More advanced sketches can be used throughout the design process, from “Brainstorm” to “Feedback”.

Hand Sketching - Level 2 shows that you are comfortable with sketching and are using them for “visual note taking” on the world around you. Even if you have only used sketching in one step of the design process, you are ready for this badge."

  • "You have used sketching for brainstorming and/or taking inspiration from other buildings Your sketches show originality and creativity, even if they lack specifics"