Construction Drawing - Level 3

Construction Drawing - Level 3: Your drawings are clear, show multiple views, and depth. You’re using lineweights, linetypes, and symbols.

"Construction drawings are used to build your project in the real world. Professional markings communicate where and how things should be built. Drawings may show elevation, depth or multiple views of a design. Construction drawings are invaluable throughout the building process, whether they are used to understand a building’s position on its land or show crews where to dig the first hole and how deep it should be.

Construction Drawing - Level 3 shows that your drawings are clear and show multiple views -- like plan, elevation and section -- and drawings show depth. You are using lineweights and linetypes with confidence. You have also mastered dimensioning and symbols."

  • "The line drawing clearly shows the dimensions of your project It is accurate and detailed, with a good understanding of depth It uses a variety of lineweights and linetypes as well as symbols"