Photography - Level 1

For a Photography - Level 1 badge you need to add photos of your project. Photos must include details that show your project progress.

Photography is a technical skill that architects, planners, and designers use to communicate their ideas to others. This Skill Badge is awarded for the use of photos to document process, thinking, and for presenting ideas. To earn a Photography - Level 1 badge you need to upload photos to your design project, in any step of the design process, to document your work. Photos must include details that help others understand your project and/or environment.

  • Photos that are in focus (not blurry!)
  • Photos that include details about your project
  • Photos that relate to a specific step of the design process: Define, Collect, Brainstorm & Analyze, Develop, Feedback, Improve
  • Are supported by a description: "This is a photo of my model I did for the Brainstorm step of the Container House project. I used multiple containers to create more space."