Akin's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


I see my bedroom as a palce to sleep. I sleep with my dad and my brother. However, I would like to have my own bedroom with a toilet and a tv and a workspace.


Collect Info

I would like to have my own bedroom with these colors


pittsburghconcreteco 2 months ago
Modern bedroom designs are easier than ever to achieve. You'll need a general idea of what you want your bedroom to look like, and concrete repair is an option if you'd rather keep the vintage look.

Brainstorm Ideas

the rddesign of my bedroom would be very private. with workspace, couch, windows, toilet, and a bed.


xnienow 21 days ago
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Develop Solutions

Maybe this can be my type of bedroom


wildermantito 23 days ago
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Final Design

This is what ,y final design would be


freykarts 19 days ago
One of the secrets of bedrooms are the lighting. I love the sample photos above, the complementation of both dark and light shades are spot on. But nothing beats natural lighting though. frey, @industrial electricians