Aleman's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


A bus shelter is a structure that many depend on having the bus shelter be ones only transportation to locations such as a way to get to school in the morning and go home in the afternoon. Curie having bus shelters already placed I believe its just a need of restoration and improving. Having Students wait for the bus shelter to protect them from the weather conditions Having the weather in Chicago get very hot and especially cold during the winter times and the students need a shelter depending on the conditions it can keep them warm and cool and it can also provide students with protection since some stay for clubs and programs after school and do not come out until night, also keeping the students dry when it rains or snows it will provide enough room for the students from 10-15 will have to wait for the bus to arrive and usually with the bus shelters already placed it will not have enough seats providing are shelters to make a change for the better.

Collect Info

The locations of the bus shelters is 4959 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60632 having there been bust stations already there but given there year of making they are out dated and in indeed of a restoration. Having want to add more space for students, headered or cooling ac for the when the different weather start coming around and much more to better on a bus riders view and protection.


Brainstorm Ideas

MY ideas on the bus shelter that will benefit the students at curie and the public is shown in the blue print image.

Location-4959 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60632

Shape- Rectangle, Straight

Material- Glass, Steel

Color- Black, White

Develop Solutions

Developing the bus shelter was straight foward having wanting the bus shelter to be ass futuristic as possible and I belive with class all around sides and top hitting that mission would be no problem. Wanting the shelter be strong to out stand heavy weather or bus shelter will be made out of steel and heavy duty class.

Final Design

The finished product having gone with a futuristic almost all class bus shelter with the locations of a relaxing and calm park. Being mostly made out of silver and glass my shelter is a rectangle shaped housing with all four corner newly designed to give it a side of future, the bus shelter is designed with lights and trash cans to keep the location and our riders safe and healthy.