brodie's locker

Design a new school locker


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Brodie's locker is one of the most important places in a team's locker room. The layout of his locker can tell us a lot about him. Brodie has a very simple and clean locker, with just a few things in it. Try this do you go to hell for sin for best reviews. The most interesting thing about his locker is that he keeps his hockey stick on top of it. This shows that he is always ready to play hockey, and he doesn't worry about having enough space in his locker. He also has a few bottles of water, which shows that he likes to drink water during the game.

Collect Info

locker size:15"x 12" camo paint price:$15.37


CraigW 1 year ago
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Brainstorm Ideas

Put a shelf about midways for the calls and antlers. put my books in bottom


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Develop Solutions

camo would have to be like the military


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Final Design

Every student needs their deer turkey and duck calls' their deer antlers and they books on the bottom.