Hands of an artist drawing with charcoal

Caleb._.Sims's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


What you need inside a bedroom is a idea and a comfort an idea and a space place and what you need for that is a bed a space between areas in your room and a desk to study on a fan and many other things to make yourself at home when designing and making a living space for You and to be a safe place from reality.


Collect Info

i will collect info and brainstorm many ways of explaining and making a more understandable way to for the view about my bedroom.

Brainstorm Ideas

how i see to brainstorm my bedroom\design is to make it within my mind and to make it reflect me and what i like and know about my life that i live

Develop Solutions

i could develop a way to fit all in one room when it comes to things on each side of the room

Final Design

somewhere around this idea into my on image in my headspace


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