tiny homes-a little home for a big family

Architecture + Engineering: Design A Sustainable Tiny Home


My client is a family of four, two parents and two kids. One parent is a stay at home parent and the other runs a small business. Due to COVID-19, sales in this business are down. The family chose to move into a smaller house to save money. They need an office and would like some type of play area for their kids.

Collect Info

The main spaces in the house should be: -kitchen -bathroom(s) -at least two bedrooms -office -play space -eating area -living room setup

Below are some of the ideas that my client and I were inspired by:

Brainstorm Ideas

I made a bubble diagram to start putting some of my ideas on paper. This acted as a general depiction of my floor plan. I also chose some photos that more specifically showed what I would like the interior of the tiny home to look like.

Develop Solutions

This is when I started to draft my floor plan. The house has two floors, one including the kitchen, eating and living areas, and bathroom, and one including the two bedrooms, office, and play area.

Final Design

This is my final product, including my final floor plan, a 3-D version on Sketchup, and a materials board of the interior design palette.