Pocket park

Crmendozaa's Pocket Park Project

2015 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Pocket Park Design

A final form of my pocket park.


I want to make to make a pocket park in my community to kill the dead space that's in it, to bring more spirit into the community so it won't look dead. Everyone will be allowed in, It's a space for everyone to connect to with each other or nature itself. This park will bring kids and adults out more so people can see that the community is full of spirit. I notice some communities don't have parks so you won't see much activity outside and that's exactly why i want to create this pocket park. This park will have something that interests everyone of all ages from little kids to the elderly. This park will also be accessible for people with disabilities, There will be special paths in case to make it easier for them.


mahamkhan 6 months ago
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Collect Info

-Friendly environment -Peaceful -Welcoming -Safe -Clean -For all ages -Handicap friendly

Brainstorm Ideas

My pocket park will focus on satisfying all ages because everyone is suppose to enjoy the park!! It’s going to have things for kids to enjoy, but it will also be filled with nature and look nice for the older people to enjoy while they are with their kids. If they are not playing I’m pretty sure they’ll sit down and admire the beauty of the park.


daniyal 7 months ago
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Develop Solutions

I have finally came to a final version of my pocket park this is the type of park i would want to be in my community. After looking at any pocket parks and making many changes to my park I have finally feel like this is how I would want to leave my pocket park.

Final Design

This is my pocket park this is what I would want in my community so everyone could have something to enjoy. It opened to the community and it will bring many people out showing the community is not dead and stuck inside their house or stuck on their phone. This will bring families together and make them see how much more fun it is outside then on a phone. If this was my park in my community I’d definitely come. I believe my park meets the standards and would satisfy everyone that comes into the park.