Danielle's Tiny Home Design

Architecture + Engineering: Design A Sustainable Tiny Home


My strategies for this tiny home is to incorporate lots of storage, mainly in the stairs, because stairs have a lot of potential storage if you use them. The kitchen is going to be on a raised flooring, so the gap between the kitchen's raised floor and the regular floor will have one long drawer for dishes, clothes, anything flat. The kids' bedrooms will have a built-in window seat with a lift-up seat for clothes. The twin beds with have storage underneath the mattress for more clothes and toys. My other strategy is to reduce space by adding pocket doors for the full bathroom and laundry room. Also, many things in the house will be used for double duty. For example, a couch that converts to a bed. The kids' bedrooms will also have a built-in bookcase.


Danielle 2 months ago
I love the way you mention there is going to be a lot of storage. Your clients will definitely enjoy that. Good work!

Collect Info

My solutions for the family's wants and needs were storage and reduced space, but what about their health and safety? My tiny house design will include the best strategies to satisfy and protect the family I will be designing the tiny house for. The family I will be designing for is a couple with one 5 year old daughter. The stairs will be really handy because 5 year olds could get hurt from the ladder.

Brainstorm Ideas

My strategy for this part of the project would be stair storage, raised floor storage, step storage, bed storage, window seat storage, built-in storage, and storage solutions like that. (also, I accidentally uploaded the media to the wrong section.) (It was supposed to go to Developing Solutions.)

Develop Solutions

The tiny home I designed for this family needs more storage. And where a better place to put it than the spacious, roomy stairs?

Final Design

When you walk in the tiny house, the first thing you'll see in front of you will be a built-in window seat with two open shelves and one large drawer for wine glasses and everyday plastic cups. It can also store wedding books and vacation journals. To the left, there is a built-in bookcase with one large drawer at the bottom and three open shelves for glass dishes on display, or everyday paper plates. To the right, there is a slightly raised flooring so it's not a GIANT step, just a 3 inch step up with a long drawer underneath the raised flooring for everything else the kitchen doesn't have room for. The kitchen is only going to be 5 ft. 5 in. long, and it has and 4 ft other ways, because it is L-shaped. The kitchen also has a natural light setting with gold accents and a farmhouse sink. The oven is right next to the refrigerator, but it is not a full size one because of space. Right across from the farmhouse sink is a floating wall-mounted wooden dining table, only 2 ft. 5 in. long with gold stools. Behind the wall that refrigerator is on is the stairs up to the loft. Beside it is the only full bathroom with a single vanity and tub-shower combination. There is a triangle shaped storage unit with two big drawers and three shelves for even more storage.