Ebarlay2002's Food Stand Design

Design a food stand for your school


A food stand is a cart usually attached to a vehicle. They are used to sell and distribute food. They can mostly be found in rural areas.

Collect Info

Most food stand have a cover over the cooking area. This is most obviously meant to protect the kitchen and the people inside of the stand preparing the food. Most food stands also have wheels, making these portable.

Brainstorm Ideas

My design for the food stand will be less like a tailgate on the back of a truck and more like a portable restaurant

Develop Solutions

For my design I have decided to change the exterior, making it less open, giving it a glass pane to open up. I have also decided to give the bottom a mouth look to it, to signify that the building is a food stand.

Final Design

My final design gave a bit more coloring to my design and I added the design of the little platform for the side.