.emoffin.'s locker

Design a new school locker


Lockers have barely any space, no outlets.


sumnerzzupa 1 year ago
The tables are not as good either. They are just plain white and have no design to them. I think a bit of more color will make it better. You can contact tree removal wellington if you need help with cutting trees.

Collect Info

I have collected information on what school lockers look like, my locker only has one shelf and two hooks.

Brainstorm Ideas

I think that new lockers would need way more space. I always see when friends put their sports supplies in teachers rooms because their isn't enough room in their lockers, i think they need to be wider. I also thinking they need to have shorter shelves so short people can reach their stuff . I think that lockers also need charging ports because these days everything relays on technology for school. I also think they should get code type thingys to replace the dial. They should also have windows so you dont have to open your locker to see what inside. I also think they should add drawers for more exrta stuff.

Develop Solutions

I picked the solution that i drew because it just works.

Final Design

my locker on tinker