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Erick Hernandez's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


I want to create and redesign a room a simple teenager like me could comfortably study and relax on. The problem is fitting important things and structures with small things. I will need the important things like a bed, storage for clothing, light sources, and a entrance to the room. My room always looks all over the place so I will need to redesign the whole room to have enough space for my own comfort.


Collect Info

In my bedroom there is a bed against the wall. On the other side of the room I have a desk for my studies. There is a Tv facing the bed. Under the TV I have a drawer for some collections or some clothing. And I also have a closet for my clothing.

Brainstorm Ideas

I am planning to fit what I planned to have which will be a bed, bookshelf, drawers for more clothes, Tv, some posters, ans a desk.

Develop Solutions

The bedroom measurements are length : 12 feet Width: 10 feet Height: 8 feet These are the measurements to an average room.

Final Design

The final bedroom design has been complete and has everything I need to be comfortable with. I have a nice big bed for me to sleep well on. A TV facing the bed so I could watch TV while laying down. I also have a ps4 connected to the TV so I could play video games. I have 2 drawers to store more clothes. I have a big desk for all my studies. Last things I have is posters of the chicago bulls and Mexico for people to know its my room.