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Sabrina's really cool Tiny Home Design

Architecture + Engineering: Design A Sustainable Tiny Home


Designing this tiny home is a challenge because the space is limited. I was only allowed to make a home with a floor space of 350 sq feet. Even though I had limited floor space I didn't want this house to feel less like a home so I wanted to make sure I included a bedroom that is comfortable and private. I also wanted a kitchen that wasn't cramped so if two people were cooking it didn't feel like the cooks were on top of each other. Having a very open space allows the home to seem a lot bigger than it actually is.

Collect Info

When making my floor plan I had to make sure that the spaces for rooms like closets and bathrooms were reasonable sizes so that the closet isn't taking up too much room and the bathroom only allows you to take two or three steps. I measured the bathroom in my own house and took away the shower so that I could move the shower to a different space. When looking at other tiny houses I realized that some of them had outdoor showers or showers separate from the toilet. I like this idea because if you have a guest over someone who can use the bathroom while another is in the shower and it isn't awkward. For the bedroom to be spacious without taking up half of the house I decided to include a loft. This would add privacy and a lot more personal space to the house.

Brainstorm Ideas

To start brainstorming I listed the spaces and items I wanted to include in the tiny house. After considering the space and cutting out the unnecessary things that would just take up space, I started my bubble diagram. A bubble diagram is like a rough-rough draft. It's like a simpler floor plan. Bubble diagrams let you play with the layout of a space without too much commitment because it is very simple to fix and move things around. Once I was satisfied with the general layout I used my bubble diagram as a guide for my floor plans.

Develop Solutions

For this house to be open but still a tiny house I went for a very open feel with lots of windows for natural light. The roof has solar panels for an eco friendly source of energy and instead of a gas stove the house uses an electric stove top.

Final Design

The final design of the 350 sq ft tiny home includes a bedroom, kitchen, lounge area, laundry room, bathroom and indoor shower. The house stays small and manageable while feeling like a home. It was challenging finding a layout that didn’t seem too busy and allowed comfort but I think I did it.