Gael_Aguilera's Community Design

CAC Teen Design Challenge: INVEST South/West


The problem with field houses nowadays is that most of them don't use any natural features such as sunlight, greenery, keeping anyone that is gonna use the field house to be completely kept away from nature. There are also very few field house here in Chicago, so giving a fieldhouse to a community that does not have one to those that need one. For example, Curie park, We have three soft ball fields that is no longer necessary for Archer heights to have three, so taking down one or two and placing a fieldhouse for the park and Curie high school can be beneficial for both the neighborhood and the students. But with the park already having a pool, basketball field, soft ball field, baseball field, tennis court, and a football field, and due to the small space I have to design a field house, it's gonna be a problem to design a fieldhouse that everyone is gonna be happy with. So my mission is to make a fieldhouse that connects with natural elements, communal use, and within a space of 8,750 square feet.

Collect Info

For this field house I plan to make the location of this field house at Curie park and to add environmental friendly features such as solar panels to reduce the usage electricity that will have to put in the fieldhouse, puttying a sun roof to let daylight into the building to let natural lighting in, adding a HRV ventilation system so we don't have to use the energy from the solar panels to heat and cool down the building, adding rain water collecting tanks so we don't have to worry about how the building is going to collect water, and add some greenery to the building to produce more oxygen to the surrounding area.

Brainstorm Ideas

My fieldhouse will have a fitness room so it can benefit the community outside of Curie so that anybody that wants to start getting into fitness, they can have a nearby fitness center to minimize the distance to go, and to be biofriendly towards the environment. I'm thinking that the field house should have 2 floors or about 2 floors and still have enough space to make the fitness room that I'm thinking on implementing so the community can use it , or a game room so people can spend time with each other. Adding features such as solar panels, a rain water collection system, and a HRV system to have a renewable heating and cooling system.

Develop Solutions

For this, I'm making the floor plan for both of the floors of the fieldhouse, which bring multiple rooms and activities for communities to come and bond with the students of Curie High school

Final Design

These are some pictures of the final design.


These are the images of my final design of the field house and the main parts that people are gonna notice when they walk in