glo's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


My room is very cluttered, nothing is set up the way I want it to be and if it were more organized I would have a lot more room, m goal is to optimize my room for maimum space and comfort


Devonte 55 1 year ago
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Collect Info


  • lots of room to work with


  • bad room color
  • the closet is built weird
  • window is tiny
  • The tile floor is ugly
  • door has holes in it

In Mr. Joanes's example that wardrope is hideous i dont like the window

Brainstorm Ideas

  • Different bed
  • fix shelves
  • hang-up shoe boxes
  • mirror on wall
  • new paint color
  • album civers hanging up
  • big brother is watching poster

extend closet out of wall bluetotth led bulbs

Develop Solutions

They didn't have the exact type of bed i wanted; I wanted something that took up more wall like a couchbed, but still round, but I made the round bed work. They didn't have the exact pieces of art I wanted but I made it work, all in all Im happy with it

Final Design

to compromise for the missing mirror I added another piece of art, and just like that I was done.