Design a Bus Shelter


Bus stops across the city need work, they are constantly being trashed, provide nothing but the bare minimum, and are all around boring. We need a new design that people will not only appreciate, but be a clear upgrade from what we had before


James M. Jones 1 year ago
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sumnerzzupa 10 months ago
It just does not get any better than that; it has more than enough space for everyone, built-in shelving, charging outlets, and lights, security cameras with a backup operator, trash cans, and a space for art and tagging at the back. If you need someone to help you with the home improvement projects, driveway concrete Brisbane could help.
Gerorge829 8 months ago
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Collect Info

What is the ideal bus shelter?

  • you need places for people to sit for an extended amount of time, -an out of the ordinary, unique design -- "shelter" from weather conditions
  • comfort and safety -easy to maintain and keep clean
  • electrical outlet for good measure


Brainstorm Ideas

From the information I gathered I'm aiming for a Shelter that...

-Holds 15+ People

  • Protects Effectively from Chicago weather conditions
  • Has Comfort and Safety features
  • Created with A unique, intricate design
  • Maintains A Sanitary Environment
  • Avoids Property damage

Develop Solutions

  • Place for people to hold there stuff at
  • Electrical Outlets -Bxoing gloves to duke it out
  • Chalk wall made for tagging and street art
  • Emergency phone hotlined to 911 operator
  • Solar panels for phone chargers

Final Design

I have single handedly created the greatest bus shelter ever designed ever, it holds more than enough people, built in storage systems, charger outlets and lights, security cameras with an emergency operator on standby, trash cans and a place for Art and tagging in the back, it simply does not get better than that