Gtony3021's Pocket Park Project

2015 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Pocket Park Design


On the east alley of 65th and Knox a park fitted for the small neighbor hood to enjoy the outside world and not to forget about all the stresses in the world. The park will be a safe place for children, teens, and adults. If you have a dog you can let it play with others in the little dog park connected to it. No need to worry about the train tracks either because ill put a fence to prevent anyone from getting too close to it.

Collect Info

The pocket park will have benches spread around a gazebo that'll be at the center of the park. It'll need a fence surrounding the dog park so the dogs don't run loose. The park will also have a local Garden on the right side of the park. This park won't be like others that you find on this side of Chicago but it doesn't mean we can't.

Brainstorm Ideas

Develop Solutions

More features and items were added to the dog park to make it more entertaining for our furry friends. I also added a bench surrounding the gazebo just in case if their is a performance going on.

Final Design

The Pocket park is a place to relax with the ones you love and your little furry friends. The dog park has everything a dog could ask for with a seesaw, jumping obstacles, and the water shooters. The local garden may just have corn and tomatoes but we're hoping that there will be new plants soon. The park lights are for the early nights in Chicago.