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HaiderA's Food Stand Design

Design a food stand for your school


A food stand is temperary place where food is sold to the general public. They are usually outside, near events or other areas where there are many people, leading to the most profit. I need to find an area where there are many people and sell food that the general public would like for example sweets, fast food, and depending on ideas given by the people since the food stand is just starting out. This can lead to the most profit and make the customers happy since their ideas are involved in what foods are sold at the food stand.


AlyceRyan 2 years ago
In a friendly tone: HaiderA's Food Stand Design could work wonders on an Ireland street, but I'm not sure that it would be the best solution to the main problem of food stands in general. It's great that HaiderA's design is so well thought out, but I just can't picture myself eating at a food stand with no table and no chairs for my meal. Visit source to download required templates. If you do want to eat your food at a food stand, though, this design would be a perfect fit.
Felipa54 1 year ago
A food stand is a small temporary structure or kiosk set up by a street vendor to sell food. Food stands are typically found in high-traffic areas such as near bus stops or train stations. They offer a variety of food items such as hot dogs sandwiches and drinks. I will try to use source for some ideas to write a complete essay about food stands.
henrycooper 11 months ago
Setting up a foodle stand in an area with high foot traffic is indeed a smart strategy to maximize profit and attract a large customer base.
James M. Jones 7 months ago
HaiderA's Food Stand Design is truly remarkable! The thought and creativity put into designing a food stand can have a significant impact on the overall experience for both the customers and the vendors. However, amidst all the excitement of food stands and bustling pedestrian areas, safety should never be overlooked. It's essential to be aware of Pedestrian accident claims to ensure that everyone, including the customers and vendors, is protected from potential accidents and that the focus remains on enjoying delicious food in a safe environment. Great design and safety go hand in hand, making HaiderA's work all the more commendable.
aisonwrnerxbg 4 months ago
The library may not work at the moment since they are sometimes classes going on in the library and not many people sit in the library during lunch otherwise it is a really good alternate location. A/C repair

Collect Info

The locations that are the best for a food stand are the lunch room, the ground outside the lunchroom, the library, and the hallways depending on where the most students are. It might be hard to do the hallways since the existing conditions are that the hallways need to clear at all time and the stand might cause a hazard, but it may be doable during hours where the hallways aren't soo crowded like lunch time. The library may not work at the moment since they are sometimes classes going on in the library and not many people sit in the library during lunch otherwise it is a really good alternate location. To sum it all up the ground outside the lunchroom may not a permanent way of selling things either depending on the weather. Currently the lunch seems to filled with many carbs and the main course is usually some sort of greasy or cheesy food. It isn't al bad there are some healthy food options like the vegetables, fruits, sandwiches, and milk for a drink. The food stand needs to consist meals that are healthy and still enjoyable. Although the food will be picked by the students as the food stand progress, the food stand will start with fast food and other foods that are universal.


Brainstorm Ideas

After collecting info on the locations that are the most suitable for the food stand, I have come to the conclusion that the two location that are the best suited for the food stand are the lunchroom and the hallways outside. As previously mentioned the hallways food stand will need to be during hours the hallways are not crowded as to not cause a hazard. The location are the best due to the lunchroom being nearby meaning extra storage and equipment to keep the food fresh. These locations are also not affected by the weather since they are inside the building. I would like the food stand to have some exotic foods, so it is not limited to just food the students have eaten before. Since the weather is not playing a part, the materials being used don't need to have weather protection. The materials being used will be normal wood and other things used for construction.


Develop Solutions

I decided to make my SketchUp model exactly the same as my sketch and it worked out because many of the thing that I needed to add to my model were in the 3D warehouse which made it much easier than having to draw them from scratch since that would have been too much work. Overall I thought the model would be much harder than I thought. I will say the Playground Practice helped me remember what the things did.


Final Design

The reason for the food stand being built was to provide something new to the students of BHS and the food stand will deliver just that. It accounts for many of the needs the students will need like getting their preferred food which they will be able to pick and give suggestions for. The food stand also gives the students a chance to try new food since it will include some exotic foods from all over the world. This gives them an alternate choice of food to get since eating the same food can get boring. Many people don't like the lunch food since it is bland and the French fries don't have any salt. The chosen location is the best for the food stand because it is not affected by the weather and the person selling the food won't need anything for heat or cold. It is also preferable to the other locations because it is away from the lunchroom meaning kids who are waiting in line for lunch won't be blocked by kids getting food from the food stand. It also gives the kids easy access because they can just grab the food and go and don't need to wait as long as they would in the lunch line. To sum it all up the food supported by it's surroundings so it won't break or fall apart as easily though it might require much more space than anticipated.